Frequently asked questions

You can buy credit safely with Paypal for Woldwild Clients
or you can buy credit with Ccp transaction for algerian clients
  1. Paypal
    1. Select payment Type PayPal
    2. Select Amount
    3. By press buy now we will redirect you to paypal siteweb to login and confirm
    4. you will recive the credit from 2-24 hours
  2. CCP
    1. Select payment Type CCp
    2. Select Amount
    3. press Buy now you have to do the transaction to this ccp acount
      0007517977 KEY 36
      and send ticket to this contacts
      Viber : 0699 26 41 77
      Email :
      Email :
      If you send with Viber please add your email to know which account made the payment
    4. you will recive the credit from instant-6 hours
After login you can buy credit here
it's realy easy , you can use all our services just few clicks , you need just account and the credit needed to purchase our service.
if you have already account please login here or create new account here
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To search about Frimware and download it here for more information
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